09 Mar 2018

Elijah Williams

Elijah Williams may be only six years old, but he is already learning important lessons from his coaches and family about hard work, leadership, and sportsmanship. He started playing football when he was only four years old and currently plays for the Eastside Raiders flag team.

Even13255951_10209336486391543_8680811157116945465_n at such a young age, Elijah has learned about teamwork and helping his teammates out when they need it. They all support each other by helping each other up when they fall during games and helping each other learn new plays at practice.

“My favorite part about playing sports is that I learn to work hard and never give up,” said Elijah, “I love being on a team because we make friends. We all have fun and all want to win.”

According to his mother, Tisha Richmond, Elijah is more confident now than before he played and works hard at whatever he does. As captain of his flag team, Elijah has become more of a leader on and off the field. During pre-season training, Elijah spent time working with another player who was having some trouble. He would run with him and show him how to do the drills to help him understand better.

“I was so proud of Elijah. He was so small yet he motivated someone else not to give up,” said his mother, “Elijah’s dad and I make sure Elijah knows that hardwork speaks for itself. He knows to work hard and have good sportsmanship, but most importantly to have fun and never give up.”

Elijah’s mom and dad are teaching him im12238059_415422738654451_32244791640738618_oportant lessons about school as well! The University Prep Academy student’s favorite subject is math. Coming from a big family of seven and juggling school and sports, everyone has to be on a schedule to make it work! Everyday after school, Elijah does his homework, studies, and has reading time before practice.

When Elijah gets older, he hopes to be a professional football player. This will require a lot of hard work and dedication, but Elijah is preparing for it everyday! Keep up the great work, Elijah!

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