09 Mar 2018

Ethan Strong

Ethan Strong is new to Detroit PAL, but already making great friendships and taking a leadership role on his team. The 14-year-old is going into 9th grade at Patrick Henry Junior High and keeps up with playing baseball for the Southwest Aztecs and basketball with Hype Athletics! It’s tough to keep up with such a hectic schedule, but Ethan and his family make it work.

“It is a very difficult task most days,” said Marc Strong, Ethan’s father, “My wife and I work as a team with help from my parents to get everything accomplished academically and athletically.” This includes making sure that Ethan gets his homework done before getting to play sports. This is very important to the Strong family. “Ethan has matured as a young man and he realizes the commitment needed to play sports on a competitive level,” said Marc, “He has learned that education goes hand in hand with playing sports.”

The 9th grader wants to be a professional athlete one day. The hard work and dedication he will need to pursue this dream will be tough, but he’s2016-07-19 08.47.32 ready to work hard. When asked what the most important lesson his coach has taught him was, he responded with “hard work beats talent.” What a great lesson!

His baseball coach, Coach Orlando of the Southwest Aztecs, works his team hard to make sure he gets the best out of all his athletes. Ethan has accepted the challenge. “Ethan is one of those leaders who, instead of being really vocal, leads by example,” said Coach Orlando, “He is the type of kid you wish you had a roster full of. I’m happy to have him on 2016-07-19 08.44.48my team.”

Ethan’s favorite sports memory was when he hit his very first home-run! “It was cold and rainy and I came up to the bat. It was like the sun was shining on me,” he stated, “The pitch was thrown and I launched the ball almost to the other field across the park and I easily ran around the bases!”

Ethan is working hard to keep up with school and athletics, but he is doing a great job! He’s accomplished so much already and will likely continue to grow and succeed. Keep up the great work, Ethan!

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