09 Mar 2018

Heaven and Halle Rogers

Heaven and Halle Rogers are your typical 13 and 11-year-old girls playing basketball, except that they play in a predominantly boys league! For their mom, DeAndrea Rogers, she was a little hesitant of it at first, but as she saw their skills and confidence rise, she was sure she made the right choice. “Both my girls were very insecure and shy about playing sports,” DeAndrea said, “Now Heaven starts every game and is confident and Halle is getting more play time and improving weekly!”

Heaven Rogers, a 7th grader at Oak Park Preparatory Academy, says the boys league encourages her to get out there and do her best and work hard so she can fit in and earn respect. She used to be nervous, but now she has more confidence and works together with hIMG_1068er teammates to do their best. “It’s fun,” said Heaven, “You learn how to play tough and interact with people.”

Heaven enjoys other activities outside of basketball, including drama, dance, volleyball, National Junior Honor Society, singing, listening to music, and meditating. This busy young-women has big goals for her future too! She would like to someday become a basketball player, lawyer, photographer, actor, model and singer!

Her sister Halle is a 5th grader at Nolan Elementary Middle School. She enjoys math and reading at school and wants to be an artist when she grows up. In addition to basketball, Halle enjoys Girl Scouts, Pink Diamonds Girls Mentoring Group, drawing, dance, jewelry club, and being on student council. With all of these activities, she somehow manages to thrive in school IMG_1075as well! “I stay focused and study to keep to my after school schedule. I have to get good grades to be on the team,” said Halle, “During practice, my coach pulled me to the side and told me that I had the highest grade point average (4.0) on my team and would be eligible for a scholarship!”

Halle feels like she needs to play harder to keep up with the boys, but that isn’t stopping her from being a valued member of the team! Her and her teammates cheer each other on and encourage each other to always do their best.

Overall, both Halle and Heaven are thriving in the boys basketball league. It shows that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything!

Keep up the good work Heaven and Halle!

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