08 Mar 2018

Jacob Holloway

Jacob Holloway has been playing soccer with Detroit PAL for two years now! The soon-to-be third grader at Henry Ford Academy loves being a part of his team, especially when they help each other out when they struggle with something new.

“Jacob has become more confident since he began playing in PAL,” said Jennifer Holloway, Jacob’s mother, “He has become more of a team player. This experience has helped him to realize that the success of his peers is his success as well.”

In addition to playing soccer, Jacob also spends time running track. His mother shared a great story about Jacob running track when he was 6. Jacob had been working hard all season and hadn’t won a medal. When the time came for his final race of the season, he decided to run his hardest race; the 1500 meter. He was only 6 years old running in the 8-and-under league, so he looked small compared to many of the runners. Jacob started the race strong, but the heat and the length of the race caused him to begin struggling around the third lap. However, Jacob persevered and finished the race. He even received his first medal of the year for coming in third!

Jacob clearly knows how to work hard to achieve his goals! His work ethic will no doubt help him reach his goals one day. Jacob dreams of becoming an Olympian in track and soccer and an engineer.

“I keep up with my school work so I can pass second grade and have a good job when I grow up,” said Jacob when asked about balancing school and sports.

Jacob has a great support system of family, friends, and teammates! He and his teammates like to encourage each other by giving high-fives and telling each other that they played well. Jacob and his teammates definitely learned a lot from their coaches, who taught them that they have to have good sportsmanship!

Keep up the good work, Jacob!

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