08 Mar 2018

Jaebri’an and Jameer Autry

Jaebri’an and Jameer Autry have both been participating in PAL since 2011. Jaebri’an got started in PAL T-ball when she was only 3 years old! Both young athletes keep very busy: participating in basketball, diamond sports, soccer and track.

“Jaebri’an is the only third grader on the Girls JV Basketball team this year,” said their father, Brian Autry, “She is a leader and earned team co-captain.”

Both Jaebri’an and Jameer understand the importance of teamwork when playing sports. “Sports are fun. I love the competition and I love the way my team works together,” said Jameer, “We encourage each other and talk about what we can do to get better as a team.” Like her brother, Jaebri’an says that being a part of a team is her favorite thing about playing sports.

In addition to keeping up with so many athletic programs, both young athletes know that education is the most important thing. They tfb_img_1478013853606ry to get all of their homework done before sports begin. Jameer, a 5th grader at David Ellis Academy West, always focuses in class and stays on top of his homework. His favorite school subject is math.

“I take my schoolwork very seriously. I know that in order to keep playing sports, I have to keep my grades up,” said Jaebri’an, a 3rd grader at David Ellis Academy West, “My favorite subject is reading and I read on a fifth grade level. I read A LOT. I love books!

The sky is the limit for these siblings! Jameer dreams of becoming an NBA player or coach one day, and Jaebri’an has her focus on becoming a defense attorney.

Keep up the great work Jaebri’an and Jameer!

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