08 Mar 2018

Kailee Davis

Kailee Davis started playing basketball when she was just six years old. Her family has been a part of the Detroit PAL family for more than 15 years!

“We feel that Detroit PAL is an excellent outlet for children and very beneficial as it helps them to become well-rounded young people and teaches them essential skills that they will carry with them into adulthood,” said Candice Davis, Kailee’s mother.

Kailee is in img_9475the 8th grade at Ludington Magnet Middle/Honors School. The 13-year-old plays basketball for the Ludington Bulldogs team with Detroit PAL. The Bulldogs had a tremendous season in 2016, going 9-1 and making their way to the Championship game against DEPSA.

“This past season was great!” said Kailee, “It was so much fun. We won the Championship!”

The Ludington Bulldogs got to the championship game by working together as a team. The entire team makes sure to support each other by cheering from the bench and telling each other they did a good job. Kailee and her teammates do not get upset if they aren’t having a good game. Instead they keep playing hard and find ways to work together and improve.

Kailee, who won the MVP Award at the Detroit PAL Championships, wants to be a professional baimg_0259sketball player when she grows up, followed by a writer upon retirement from playing sports. Even though Kailee is working towards a career in sports, she still understands the importance of education.

“It’s very important to keep up with schoolwork because you can’t get a scholarship with bad grades and you might not always be able to play basketball,” she said. Her parents have always stressed that school is the #1 priority. They encourage Kailee to take advantage of img_9477her weekends to study and get ahead on assignments and to use any free time she can so she is never waiting until the last minute to get work done.

Kailee is doing amazing things, on and off the court. We look forward to seeing her grow as an athlete and a scholar.

Keep up the great work, Kailee!


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