08 Mar 2018

Ma’Kaiyah Garrett

Ma’Kaiyah Garrett is a 12-year old cheerleader on the Southfield Jayhawks B-Team. This hardworking student-athlete goes to Brace-Lederle School in Southfield and was the former co-captain of the Brace-Lederle Cheer Team.

“Ma’Kaiyah is a very outgoing and talented young lady who is definitely not afraid to work for what she wants. She is always up for a challenge and will give 110%,” said Felicia Foster-Gibson, Cheer Coordinator for the Southfield Jayhawks, “She definitely has a passion for cheering and it radiates at practice and on game day. She is a positive role model for her fellow cheerleaders and she has team spirit like no other!”

Not only is Ma’Kaiyah working hard on her cheer team, she is doing great in school and participating in other extra-curricular activities. She is a member of the National Elementary Honors Society and has received awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement! In addition to keeping up with school and cheer, Ma’Kaiyah loves to sing, act, and dance. She dances for The Zone Dancer Center and takes acting classes at The Studio at Michigan.

Congratulations on all of your success at school and in cheer, Ma’Kaiyah. Keep up the great work!

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