09 Mar 2018

Micah Walker

Micah Walker is an 8 year old who is juggling school, basketball, and baseball with ease!

The future 3rd grader at Ronald Brown Academy plays for both the Jammers basketball team and the Pirates baseball team. He’s been playing sports with Detroit PAL since he was just four years old. “Being a part of PAL has helped him create friendships with children of all ages that will last a lifetime,” said his parents, Lajuan and Corinthia Walker, “We have seen him share more and develop more self-control as well as team work abilities.”

Micah’s basketbunnamed (9)all team won the 8u Championship game this year against the undefeated Bulldogs! To add to this accomplishment, Micah had the opportunity to participate in the Skills Challenge at the All-Star Game! He has learned many lessons from his coaches and mentors, including learning that he should always be having fun on the field and on the court.

Both baseball and basketball are team sports and require a lot of teamwork from everyone in order to succeed. “We cheer each other on during the games and we help each other get better,” said Micah of his teammates. During a game this last season, Micah’s parents noticed that he was working very hard to focus on defense to stop his opponents from scoring. Micah, who loves to shoot the basketball, cared more about his team and working together rather than just focusing on himself. What a great show of sportsmanship!unnamed (8)

In addition to being a successful youth athlete, Micah is also a great student. He works hard in school and gets A’s and B’s on his report cards. “I do my school work right after school and after practices, read on the weekends, and work on my tablet to stay caught up in school,” said Micah. His parents make sure that school comes first in their household and that it is known that sports are a privilege that comes when school work and chores are completed.  Micah loves math and wants to be a police officer in the army when he grows up, just like his brother.

The future is bright for this young student-athlete!

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