08 Mar 2018

Morgan Bettie

Although she had played softball before coming to Detroit PAL, Morgan Bettie’s skill and love for the game grew immensely after joining the Southfield DynastyHer parents, Ron and Monique, believe that joining the Detroit PAL league really set the foundation for Morgan to become a better athlete. “We have noticed an increase in Morgan’s confidence and self-esteem,” they stated, “She understands that continuous practice will allow an increase in her ability, making her a better athlete going forward.”

Morgan, a 7th grader at Southfield Christian Middle School, loves being a part of the Southfield Dynasty. Her and her teammates work together and always support each other. “We support each other by encouraging and cheering for each other,” Morgan recalls.

The coaches of the Dynasty, Coach Tylar and Coach Kayla, make sure the girls are working hard and having fun. “My coaches taught me to always play hard and try my best at all times,” Morgan said.

School is the most important thing for the 7th grader, with science being Morgan’s favorite school subject. She really enjoys doing lab work and experiments in science class. Keeping up with school and sports can be tough, but Morgan takes advantage of time durinATT0DQQ4g study hall at school to do homework and study for classes.

“We believe sports are a reward for doing well in school,” her parents stated, “If school work starts to slip, we then take away the sports, but we feel it is important to be a well-rounded student.”

Outside of school work and softball, Morgan plays volleyball and is on the Southfield Christian Unicycle team. When she grows up, she wants to be a lawyer! With the lessons of hard work and dedication she is learning with her Detroit PAL team, Morgan is setting herself up for a very successful future!

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