09 Mar 2018

Myesha Richardson

Myesha Richardson cheered with the Saints during her 11 year tenure with Detroit PAL. Saints A-team cheerleader Myesha Richardson was awarded Cheerleader of the Year for 2010.

In her essay to Detroit PAL, Myesha explained how she first became a member of the Saints family when she was 8 weeks old, being pushed in a stroller by her older brother DeAndre at a Saints game.

Myesha cheered exclusively with the Saints throughout her 11 year tenure with Detroit PAL. According to Myesha, “My mother would say, ‘You are black and gold’ until you finish playing for the little league. I am glad she stood firm on that because it taught me how to be dedicated and committed to something.”

Myesha also says that cheering with the Saints has helped her cope with the tragedy of losing her father, who was murdered in 2006. Specifically, A-team Head Coach Lundrell Harris helped Myesha through this difficult time.  “She has always lifted me up during the times when I was feeling down. I love her with all my heart and appreciate her never giving up on me,” Myesha said.

Former D-team Coach Stacy Kallapure also played an instrumental role in Myesha’s life. Her early cheering experiences with Coach Stacy have inspired Myesha’s drive to return to the Saints as a D-team coach.

In the future, Myesha plans to study dentistry, and hopes to open an office in the city that caters to the uninsured.

“I want to thank Detroit PAL for allowing cheerleaders to be a part of the football program. I hope this program remains around forever. I know it has been a very memorable, exciting, and learning experience for me. I will miss cheering for the Saints but I will remain Black & Gold for life. I will give back to the younger children the greatness that was giving to me through my years as a Saint Cheerleader.”

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