09 Mar 2018

Ruby Whitehorn

Ruby Whitehorn comes from a sports-oriented family and has been playing sports all her life. She is currently helping change the game by not only playing, but thriving in the Boys House Basketball Leauge.

“Some people believe that girls can’t play against boys,” said Ruby, “Playing in the boys league challenges me!”

FB_IMG_1493343367645In addition to basketball, Ruby also participates in lacrosse, football, tennis, baseball, wrestling, archery, and swimming at Patton Recreation Center. Her hobbies include ultimate Frisbee, flag football, teen council, and chess club.

This 7th grader at Detroit Edison Public School Academy might be busy playing so many different sports, but she still makes sure that school comes first. She balances sports and school by focusing on her future goals and knowing how important it is to keep up with school work and get good grades. According to Ruby’s mother, Lisa Bryant, school work must always come first. No grades, no sports!

Participating in so many athletic programs has given Ruby the chance to have great teammates and coaches. The most important lesson her coaches have ever taught her is that there is no “I” in team. Ruby believes that being a part of a team isFB_IMG_1493343420382 like being a part of a family. Her and her teammates always clap and cheer for each other!

received_10153075111746170“Participating in sports has challenged Ruby and given her the opportunity to compete against teams that she never would have had an opportunity to play,” said Lisa, “As Ruby grows, her level of leadership grows as well. Whatever her team needs, she is willing to do it.”

As for her future goals, Ruby is working towards being the first female NBA player.

Keep up the great work Ruby, and remember that anything is possible!

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