09 Mar 2018

Skylar Smith

Detroit PAL tries to teach all of our athletes to be confident and hardworking. That’s exactly what Skylar Smith, 8th grader at Detroit Merit Charter Academy, has learned while cheerleading for the Falcons.

Skylar has learned many lessons from her coaches, but the most important to her was learning to never give up on her dreams and working hard for what she wants. “If I want something, it’s not going to come easy,” said Skylar, “I have to work for it myself.”

This work ethic has no doubt come from her family. Skylar has to make sure that she keeps up in school and at church in order to attend cheer functions. According to her grandmother, PAL has made a huge difference in Skylar’s life. “PAL has been beneficial for Skylar because itSkylar_Pichelped her overcome her shyness and given her confidence in herself,” said Nan Estell, Skylar’s grandmother, “She has also developed lasting friendships.”

Cheerleading is hard work, but also a lot of fun! Skylar loves meeting new people every year and learning more about the sport. “One of my favorite memories is last year when the A Team worked really hard and we placed first,” exclaimed Skylar, “We shed tears and hugged each other!”

Skylar has been cheering for 8 years so far, and has no plans to quit! After PAL cheer is over, she wants to cheer for her school. When she grows up, she would like to help kids in some way. It seems like the future is very bright for this hard-working cheerleader!

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