09 Mar 2018

Taylor Phillips

“Unique, leader, determined…” are just some of the words that Kenyada Phillips used to describe her daughter Taylor Phillips. When asked for a cheerleader to spotlight, without hesitation, Coach Pott recommended Taylor Phillips. One can only assume that her recommendation has something to do with the qualities that Taylor’s mom mentioned.

Being apart of Detroit PAL was more than just a coincidence for Taylor, rather it was tradition. Phillips’ father played football for Detroit PAL and her grandmother cheered for the organization. Taylor Phillips, who at 15 years old,  completed her last eligible year as a cheerleader for the West side Steelers in Detroit PAL in 2014. She looks forward to cheering for her high school in the future. Her time with the West Side Steelers has helped develop her into a leader and has furthered her level of determination. “She is such a leader. When some of the newer girls needed help, she stepped right in and helped with back bends, walk overs and other areas where they needed help” said her mother. And when Taylor is faced with adversity, she faces it head on and finds a way to overcome. “Taylor was struggling with Algebra and started to get frustrated, but after I told her about the “PLEASE EXCUSE MY DEAR AUNT SALLY” method, she instantly got it. She never gave up though.  She kept working on it!” exclaimed her mother.

In addition to cheering, Taylor enjoys singing, dancing, roller skating and fashion. She even has her own sewing machine and a portfolio to help detail her unique fashion sense. She hopes to someday be an entertainer, but still understands that school is most important. Taylor is a member of the National Honor Society and hopes to attend Michigan State University.

Taylor and Kenyada Phillips expressed their gratitude for the West side Steelers coaches and Detroit PAL.  And Detroit PAL acknowledges Taylor and awesome supporters like Kenyada Phillips in their dedication with PAL!

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