09 Mar 2018

Travon Monroe

While other children around Travon Monroe’s age would rather stay inside, he has dedicated his time to practicing and improving his football skills. Monroe’s commitment rivals many adults. But,  whether he is competing for highest honors for football or at his school, Monroe is a true competitor.

While Monroe and his Spartan teammates have their minds on the gridiron, Monroe’s passion does not just stop there.  Monroe is in his first year at Michigan Collegiate School and has had his second straight year in maintaining a 4.0 grade point average!  “You got to be focused in class and listen to the teacher and don’t cause problems” said the 12 year old quarterback.  He also went on to speak about how he loves to learn, specifically math because as he puts it, “I like counting… and it’s just fun.”

Despite his academics coming naturally to him and excelling at football, it was not always the case on the field.  Monroe explains, “…I had only played quarterback my first year on the D- Team, my second year I played quarterback, receiver… Coach Dean taught us a lot of stuff.  It just stuck to me and I feel like I got a lot better.” He further spoke on how the coaching staff could be tough yet encouraging saying, “Every coach is hard on us during the game… but off the field they talk to you and they are good people.” Monroe sites the encouragement from his parents and coaching staff as reasons on why he continues to excel on the field as well as his classrooms.  “I love my parents…I gotta read everyday.  I go to school, come home and read or go straight to practice then come home and read.”

With the help of a caring coaching staff and their parents, kids like Travon Monroe have the opportunity to thrive in numerous faucets throughout their life. In addition, Travon is just one of the countless individuals positively impacted by Detroit PAL!

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