08 Mar 2018

Tronice Hammond

As soon as one steps on the field, it’s obvious to see how Tronice Hammond stands out literally and figuratively. Being one of the tallest players on the team, you instantly see him patting another player on the shoulder telling him to keep going. 10 year old Hammond plays for the Redford Seahawks in Detroit PAL’s football program. He is not only a leader on the field, but a prodigy off the field.

Hammond, who is in his second year for the Seahawks and sixth year in Detroit PAL is not just a superstar player, but also excels at academics. Despite being only 10 years old, Hammond is in the seventh grade! He attends Riverside Middle School and currently lives in Redford. For his Detroit PAL team, Hammond plays as a defensive and offensive tackle.  Seahawks Coach Jimmy delightfully stated, “Tronice is very well mannered, well disciplined and protective”. Another coach for the team, Coach Cheron stated, “He is a leader on the field, he comes to work and does his thing!”

While Hammond seemingly excels at everything he does, he has definitely faced some challenges. Hammond, who recently moved from Detroit to Redford explained how the move in addition to his double promotion has been challenging. “Going to a new school and making new friends was hard, but I just let people come to me”. He also said, “I get bullied for being young, but my older brother helps me out”. In spite of being bullied, Hammond says how he remains strong and maintains being a leader. Further demonstrating how resilient he is.

Even with the adversity that Hammond faces, he continues to demonstrate tremendous uniqueness. Before every game he says his ritual that includes a pray for his grandfather, followed by listening to Here Come’s the Boom by Nelly helps get him ready. Hammond who is nicknamed, Megatron, credits former NFL player Ray Lewis, Coach Jimmy, his father and mother as his role models and inspiration. He eagerly looks forward to attending the University of Michigan and someday playing in the NFL. Until then, Hammond says he will continue in his excellence on and off the field.

With the help of Detroit PAL, his coaches and countless others, Tronice Hammond will continue to flourish.

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