08 Mar 2018

Unique Hayes

Texas born Unique Hayes embodies the character that Detroit PAL hopes to instill in all of our athletes. As captain of her Soccer for Success team at Starr Academy, Unique constantly shows leadership, dedication and independence. Her coach Kyle Covington, expressed “I am very proud of her. She is a tremendous leader on and off the field.” Participating in the Soccer for Success program since 2012, Unique has already found her passion in life. “I hope to keep playing soccer in high school and even get a scholarship and play in college.” For now, Unique enjoys playing this Soccer for Success program and all that it has done for her. She said, “I love this program. It helps me to be a good soccer player, stay fit and teaches me how to eat healthy.” The Soccer for Success program not only teaches soccer, but it also details how to eat healthy and how to stay fit. This program is much more than a game of soccer, rather it seeks to improve the child overall. And for Unique Hayes it has done just that. In addition to her play on the field and healthy eating, this program has also helped with her academics. She mentioned, “When I had problems in math, Coach Covington helped me so much.” Since then, Unique has improved in math and maintains a impressive grade point average. In addition to soccer, Unique loves other sports. Unique also enjoys singing and dancing. She now enjoys eating more fruit and vegetables, which she credits to the Soccer for Success program. Unique Hayes continues to demonstrate excellent character. It is because of participants like her that Detroit PAL prides itself on!

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