08 Mar 2018

Victoria Boston


Our Detroit PAL Alumni are a part of the Detroit PAL family for life! Victoria Boston was a soccer, softball, and volleyball player for PAL from 1996-2004. She even came back and worked as an intern in the Detroit PAL offices in 2014! Now, she continues her PAL pride as a member of the Detroit PAL Alumni Association.

The lessons she learned during her time at Detroit PAL have stayed with her into adulthood. “While playing for PAL, my coaches taught me about teamwork and overcoming adversity,” said Victoria, “I can remember playing soccer and we would be behind for the entire game, but somehow come back and win in the final minutes as a team!”

After graduating from high school, Victoria continued her education at Oakland University. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts. Currently, she serves as a parent liaison at Carstens Elementary and Middle Schools in Detroit. Her job allows her to be the bridge between the school and the parents.

When2015-08-16 13.07.30 she’s not busy keeping parents connected to their children’s school, she can be found writing. Victoria is now a published author! Her book series “Liam” involves a young, African American boy who aspires to be a lawyer, tackling issues of bullying, being different, and honesty along the way! “I hope all children will see him as a positive example and use him to help in their growth and development,” Victoria stated about the book.

We look forward to seeing what Victoria will be up to next!

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