08 Mar 2018

Werner Blakely

Werner Blakely is an 8th grader at University Preparatory Academy in Southfield. He has been playing baseball and running track with Detroit PAL for more than three years.

The 13 year old loves baseball, specifically, his favorite part about baseball is hitting and turning double plays. Not only does Werner play baseball, but he excels! He was chosen to participate on the RBI National team this summer based on his performance at the RBI Invitation tournaments. He performed well enough to make the team and travel to North Carolina with the National Team!

“There were a lot of scouts down in North Carolina,” said Werner, “They told me some good things that can help me improve my game.” The young student-athlete is always working to improve his game. With the help of his coaches, he continues to improve! His coach has made sure to teach Werner and his teammates that there is ‘No I in team” and they always need to work together. “My favorite part about being on a team is that everybody has to chip in and it’s not just a one-man show,” said Werner.

Werner’s father is very proud of his son for his hard work and for making it to the RBI National Team! Team work and hard work are two very important family traits for the Blakely family. The traits have been passed down through generations and it has had a major impact on their lives. “Team sports are a big part of what we do as a family,” said his father, “It has been valuable to enforcing our family beliefs.”

Werner is no stranger to hard work. He works hard on the field and off. His favorite subject in school is math and he looks forward to continuing his education. “Hopefully if I keep playing baseball at a high enough level, I can play college baseball!” said Werner. Although professional baseball might be the dream, if that doesn’t work out, Werner has his mind set on becoming a mechanical engineer. A lot more hard work is in store for this young man, but with his family and coaches teaching and supporting him, it should be no problem!

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