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Coach Caine

There are coaches who teach football plays and then there are coaches like Coach Caine. Coach Caine views coaching as a chance to not only help players on the field, but also to teach children how to be better individuals as a whole. And after facing such a challenging season in 2014, which included two of his players losing their lives, his coaching and mentoring skills for the Raiders were needed and appreciated.

Born and raised in Detroit, Charles Edward Caine Jr. attended Cass Tech High School. Despite wanting to play sports at an early age, Caine was not allowed to participate. Caine’s mother feared he would get injured because of his small stature. But, never having the opportunity to play any sports didn’t cause his passion and love for the games to deteriorate. After graduating from Cass Tech he attended Alabama A and M. While he enjoyed his college experience, an unexpected pregnancy forced him to choose between staying in Alabama and returning home to care for his new daughter. He chose to return home.

“I had my daughter young, and it changed me for the better. It made me more responsible.” Caine recounts being a young father and realizing the importance of not only guiding his own children, but being a positive impact in the lives of other youth. “I believe I have a calling on my life, I help show kids a different path… and this season [2014] was tough.” Tough being an understatement, as the Eastside Raiders lost two of its new players to a horrific car accident. “It was very difficult, but we stuck together as a family. PAL was nice enough to send clergy members and we made sure to be there for all the kids.” Caine also mentioned how the closeness of the organization not only helps in bad times, but also it is what has sustained the program over the last 42 seasons! “The Raiders have been in PAL for 42 years. Generations have come through this team and that also attracts new people.”

Despite Caine having never played football, his passion for the game remained. Because of that love, he encouraged his son to play and as a result, he coached that team and would eventually become President of the Eastside Raiders Organization. While he loves sports, he still understands the significance of education. “We want our players to be self efficient and educated. It’s so important these days to have an education.” Caine who has a son who plays football for Kentucky, a daughter who has already received her degree and another son in high school with honors. Charles Caine exemplifies the meaning of coach and mentor. With the help of Detroit PAL, Coach Caine and others like him, our future generations have great leaders steering them in positive directions!