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Coach Deandte Cobbs

FullSizeRender Coach Deandte Cobbs is the head coach for the Motor City Thunder soccer team at Detroit PAL. In addition to coaching, Deandte also works at Chrysler and is a football coach! He’s extremely busy with all of this on his plate, but his love for what he is doing is what makes it all possible.

“I love teaching young kids and passing down knowledge,” said Coach Cobbs, “When I was a kid, I didn’t have a lot of mentors to talk to.”

The most important lesson Coach Cobbs tries to teach his young athletes is about teamwork. He does this by making the kids depend on each other and show them the importance of communication on and off the field. In addition to teamwork, other goals of his are to teach the players about patience and responsibility.

The players on the Motor City Thunder work great together! “My kidsIMG_0983 are very disciplined and a lot of my kids have been with me from U6 level,” said Coach Cobbs, “They are very familiar with each other and play well together.”

Coach Cobbs has learned some lessons throughout his time as a coach as well! His players have been able to teach him about being patient. He hopes that his players continue to grow into young men and young women and that they learn more about the sport of soccer.

Thank you Coach Cobbs for all you do for the kids at Detroit PAL!