coach allen

Coach Sheldon Richard-Allen

Coach Sheldon Richard- Allen is as involved in positively shaping young kids future as he was when he began! Joining Detroit PAL in 1999, Coach Allen saw the need for mentors, role models and coaches in Detroit and he accepted that role. “Some kids have never played any sports. And we get to help them. This helps keep them off the streets and out of trouble” mentioned Coach Allen.

Sheldon Richard-Allen grew up on Detroit’s west side and attended Western High School. As a youngster, he played several sports for his school, recreational as well as for Detroit PAL. Allen stated, “I was very athletic. I played everything. Basketball, football, a little hockey and horseshoes.” Because of the impact that his coaches had on his life, he knew he would some day do the same. “Growing up I always noticed how sports helped our lives and gave us something to do. It was fun and it kept us heading in the right direction. Our coaches did a lot for us, and I always wanted to do that once I had the chance.” And in a time where young people can use all the positive influences they can get, Allen’s mentorship is extremely necessary.

Allen coaches girls and boys Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball for Detroit PAL. Despite having the occasional itch to hang up his coaching hat he remembers why he first began in the first place. “I do it for the kids! I remember the first time I coached, and my players lost by 80 points. They had to turn around and play again and beat another team by 70 points. You would have thought they won a championship game. They were so excited. I can still remember their faces. And that is why I keep coaching.”

Coaches like Sheldon Richard- Allen and other volunteers are the central reason that Detroit PAL is able to thrive. And while Allen mentioned his appreciation for Detroit PAL, it is Detroit PAL that cherishes his endless service with the youth of Detroit!