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Coaches Rogers

It is great when one of our volunteers reaches out and gets others involved in Detroit PAL’s mission. That is exactly what happened with one of our husband-wife coaching duos! Anthony Rogers had been helping coach soccer at Priest Elementary/Middle School and before long, his wife Leslie embraced the team and started volunteering as well. Now they work together to make sure the kids are growing and learning.

“The entire team must work as one and never quit,” said Anthony Rogers, “We operate as a community at Priest and understand that community means family. We put everything into what we have and everything into what we want!” Their hard work has clearly paid off, as the team was the DPS Champion this past spring with a record of 6-0 for 10U.

For Leslie, she enjoys watching the kids grow and seeing their confidence rise. The duo makes sure to teach the athletes the importance of training, conditioning, teamwork, sportsmanship, and playing hard until the very end of every game. Not only do the athletes embrace the concept of teamwork, this has spread to the entire student body!

“The athletes taught me there is hope in young people and they are able to understand teamwork and support and encourage one another,” Leslie said, “The team was so inspiring to the student body that we had a cheer team created by the students themselves. That was very moving to me.”

Both Anthony and Leslie are busy outside of their volunteer coaching, but they make sure to give these kids every chance to succeed. The entire Priest Elementary/Middle School is likely looking forward to Spring Soccer beginning again thanks to these awesome coaches!