Deandre Moss

Coach Deandre Moss

What started out as a way for Deandre Moss to spend more quality time with his kids eventually turned into a career path for him. Wanting his kids to be involved in an after school activity, Moss put them in Detroit PAL, and he became a coach – a position he had always pictured himself in as a young athlete. After some time a job opportunity came out of coaching, and Moss accepted the position to become Michigan Technical Academy’s athletic director. Being a coach and athletic director has given Moss a sense of purpose, he says. That sense of purpose is what inspires him to continue with his work, to continue volunteering. Because he believes that the world is built around helping people, he says that, individually, he feels that volunteering has fulfilled him and given him self-satisfaction. More importantly, it allowed him to spend quality time with his kids, which was the plan all along. Also, it was an opportunity to be a role model to other kids who may not have had a positive male figure in their lives.

To this day, some of those kids look to Moss as a father figure. They even call him dad. He taught them not only about athletics, but how to be good human beings, and he made sure they tried their best to obtain high academics.  A Detroit PAL participant in his youth, Moss credits the program with getting him to where he is today. If it wasn’t for Detroit PAL, he doesn’t believe that he would be in his current position. But Detroit PAL gave him an outlet to extend himself, to give back and be an integral part of the community. It also gave him the knowledge that he needed to be an athletic director. Without Detroit PAL, he believes he would have been a regular, 9-5 worker. However, he feels that his purpose it to be a community-oriented person and Detroit PAL gives him the avenue to be just that. He’s happy with what he’s doing, that sense of purpose is his gratification and the most important thing he gets out of it. He says without that sense of purpose or the satisfaction that he gets out of volunteering, he would be good to no one. But he’s able to extend his happiness, knowledge and help to inner-city kids, and he says he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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