Kyle Covington

Coach Kyle Covington

“There is nothing like giving back!” exclaimed Detroit PAL alumnus Coach Kyle Covington. These words not only describe Coach Covington’s feelings towards coaching, but sum up his views on life in general. Coach Covington prides himself on bettering the younger generation and his community. His endless dedication for uplifting others is something to be admired and shared.

Kyle Covington played football for Detroit PAL in 1996 until 1999 for the Eastside Colts. He also played baseball for Detroit PAL. After graduating from St Depores High School in Detroit, MI. Kyle knew he wanted to remain in the city, help rebuild it and positively impact the youth. His love of sports and children is what ultimately helped him decide to become a coach. He began to watch soccer in 2006 and simply enjoyed it. As a result of his new found love of the sport he began to coach soccer. Coach Covington has been with the Soccer for Success program in Detroit PAL since 2011 at Starr Academy. This soccer program teaches soccer as well as demonstrating how to live a healthy lifestyle. Recently, Kyle has lost 55 pounds! He explained, “I was not even trying to lose weight. But because of my active lifestyle with the kids, it just came off. It feels good!”

Kyle Covington credits his passion of wanting to help others from his parents. Specifically, his mother Cynthia Covington who passed away in the summer of 2014 and who was a staple at Detroit PAL shaped his drive to help youth. Kyle went on to say, “My mother did so much for others! And of course I want to be like that. Our city needs us. And these kids need us.” His constant desire to help others is what Detroit PAL lives on. We appreciate Coach Covington for his support in this organization!