Robert and Daniel Wynn

Detroit PAL is all about family! We like for our programs to be very family oriented and for parents to always be able to stay involved. Daniel Wynn and Robert Wynn III are both football players for Detroit PAL. The brothers both attend Novi Community School District and play for the West Seven Rams A-Team in the 13-14 age division.

Robert and RobertTheir father, Robert Wynn Jr.,  has been coaching for PAL for 6 seasons. He describes the extra opportunities that Detroit PAL provides as one of the reasons PAL is going above and beyond for the kids in the city. His sons attended the Youth Impact Program this summer at the University of Michigan. “Even though it started pretty early in the morning, they woke up every morning anxious to start the day,” said Robert Jr., “I appreciated all of the components of the camp because it was very well-rounded including academics, athletics, learning life skills, and character development.”

The boys have been playing football for 6 years and have learned many important lessons along the way. “The biggest lessons my coaches taught me is that focus and discipline are the two key components in life,” said Robert III. The brothers also have learned about hard work and working together as a team to accomplish goals. His brother Daniel noted that he has learned to always have a great attitude, try his best, and work hard to get into a good high school and college someday.20150718_104348

Robert Wynn III knows how important his family has been to his success in football. “My motivation is thinking about my family and how much they’ve invested in me,” he stated, “When I get on the field and perform, it is my way of paying them back and saying thank you.”

This family truly sticks together when it comes to Detroit PAL football. “I am forever grateful to Detroit PAL and the West Seven Rams Organization for providing my children the opportunity to learn the sport they love from the best coaches in the league,” their father said, “Detroit PAL offers a positive outlet for children to develop, grow, and thrive through organized sports.”