Taylor Gribble

Taylor Gribble

Taylor Gribble is already a role model and pillar in her community!  Being apart of Detroit PAL since 2009, Taylor seems to be developing tremendously. As a three sport athlete and honor student at nationally ranked Renaissance High School, Taylor is trailblazing down a road of hard work, success and perseverance.

At an early age Taylor knew she wanted to be a runner.  “When I was younger I use to race the boys and girls in the neighborhood.  I would always win.  So that made me want to race for an actual team.  I knew I would love it” said Gribble.  But learning the actual technique of running was not as easy as she had expected. She explained, “It was difficult in the beginning. I did not realize the hard work that went in to running. I had to learn the form and breathing techniques that went with running. But I stuck with it and now it comes naturally.”

Taylor was also confronted with challenging times when her grandmother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. “I was competing and during the race my grandmother had passed away. I felt guilty for not being there and I wanted to stop running. But my family, coaches and my teammates encouraged me. I also knew my grandmother would want me to keep running” explained Gribble. With the support of loved ones and an inner strength, Taylor continued to run track.

In addition to track, Taylor also plays volleyball and basketball for Detroit PAL. She admires Olympic Gold medalist Allison Felix and Flo Jo and looks at them as her heros. In her spare time Taylor enjoys praise dancing at her church, spending time with family and writing. She hopes to turn her passion of writing into a career in journalism.  “There is a great journalism school in Chicago and I hope to go there some day” exclaimed Gribble. She also wants to run for Team USA in the summer Olympics some day.

It is because of youth like Taylor Gribble that Detroit PAL continues to be a leading sports program in Detroit.  Taylor is the very definition of student athlete.  Detroit PAL is proud to have  such a powerful delightful figure apart of this organization.