Jocelyn Jones – President

My name is Jocelyn Jones. I am 16 years old and I’m an incoming senior at Cass Technical High School. I aspire to be a prosecuting attorney and help rape victims and abused children. Then I hope to become a Supreme Court Justice or the Attorney General in the future.

Caidon Haliburton – Vice President 

Hello my name is Caidon Alvin Haliburton. I am 13 years old. I am a freshman at Walled Lake Western high school. My future aspirations are to purchase the Motown franchise, and the Latin Quarters club and bring them back to Detroit.

Dayla Manuel – Secretary

My name is Dayla Manuel. I am 14 years old. The high school that I will be attending in 9th grade is Chandler Park Academy. In the future I want to be a judge, but first I have to be a lawyer.

Paul Wilson – Treasurer

My name is Paul Wilson I am 14 years old and I plan to attend cornerstone health and technology. My future aspirations are to have a future in the church and preach the word of God I plan to bring education to youth around the world. I plan to have global business around the world l. I plan to write books, direct movies, etc. I plan to have a future but my education is first but my education is the start of my future.


The Detroit PAL Youth Voice Council meets on the second Thursday of each month throughout the year.

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