07 May 2020

Corporal Chenetta Pasley

“The Detroit Police Department and myself personally, as well as many others, have definitely been negatively impacted by the Covid-19 outbreak. There have been some challenges that us as Police Officers have had to overcome and we know that it’s part of the job. We are one team and stand by one another through the good and bad times and like Warriors we always prevail! Despite the increased danger I push on by understanding the meaning of essential. Essential means absolutely necessary. Beating COVID-19 will require a team effort, flexible policing, and providing essential services. I stay positive by focusing on constructive aspects such as the significant drop in crime rates,  remembering our community prior to COVID-19, and knowing we will get through this together.”

Corporal Chenetta Pasley has proudly served the City of Detroit for 22 years. She is a Youth Development Officer for Detroit PAL and she became an officer because she wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others and help young people find their greatness.

Many healthcare workers and first responders are working on the frontlines to care for those infected by the virus. While many of you are staying at home to do your part by reducing the spread of COVID-19, you can still show your support for essential workers by decorating your windows, mailing encouraging letters to frontline workers, displaying white ribbons at home and more!


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